Friday, September 20, 2013


How would you describe yourself as a character in a book.

What type of being would you be?

Would you have magical powers?

Would you be evil or the savior of all mankind?

I would totally be a goody two shoes with magical powers and tiny:)

 Every since I opened my first book and allowed it to take me to a place filled with small creatures doing big things. I was sold on the world of magic. I remember wishing I could fly, or wondering what it would be like to have magical powers.

When Alice drank the tea and became small, I remember thinking how lucky is she? :)
I so wanted to be her.

Two of my favorite cartoons, The Smurfs and The Littles.

Even when it came to playing with dolls, their houses and tea sets, the smaller the better. I love seeing the small beds and cups, just the cutest right. I know if I were a fictional character here's what someone might say about me:

With hair as black as a raven and as long as her tiny frame, its hard to imagine the power coming from her  small hands. Born in a small village, her destiny is to protect and guide. She only do good, even an evil thought can undermine all she has done and is destined to do.

Hahaha!!!  This was me at maybe 7-10 years of age What does this say about me????

Now my inspiration is an IKRAN (Flying Banshee) Avatar

This is one of the most beautiful majestic creatures create(jmo) . This is how  I would describe myself as a fictional characterSTRONG, BEAUTIFUL, MAGICAL, MAJESTIC and with WINGS can't forget the wings( I was born to fly)

Depending on what day it is I channel Navi Neytiri as my fictional character the days I want to kick butt. Then there's the silent but strong days as a Ikran, when I don't want to talk just do. I'm a shapeshifter;)
But no matter which I must fly

What about you post a comment below.

I will add my alter ego in the comments below after work!!!

All pictures are from google, via tumblr and amazon.


Paula Harvey said...

I like these questions! If I had to be a non-human character I'd want to be an alien from Krypton. I wouldn't have magic powers but, like Superman, I'd have superhuman strength : ) I wouldn't want to be evil so I guess I'd be a hero.

"strong, beautiful, magical, majeestic..." I like this character description : )

Paula Kouman said...

Hey Paula,

Hmm superhero strength, I can use some of that right now...:) thanks for stopping by.