Monday, September 16, 2013

The Joys of Querying

Is your query good enough?

I finally completed my ms, and I am finishing the third or fourth round of edits. I have learned several things about myself since I began editing.

1) Editing is never ending: No matter how many times I go over a chapter I always find a word I may have omitted, or misspelled. It's driving me insane.
2)Then there is the problem of rewriting a scene: when I'm done with a scene I think yes it's perfect, so I move on.  At the completion of the chapter I reread it and of course I don't feel warm and fuzzy all over anymore.
3)It's difficult to get all my thoughts on paper before I forget them.
4)I'm most inspired around 2AM, when I'm also most sleepiest
5) I tend to ask to much of my family such as; so what do you think? Tell me how that scene made you feel?  So....what do you think? I think they mostly think, they wish I would find others to read my draft or simply leave them alone.

I have been carrying a printed copy of my novel (330 pages originally) around everywhere I go. It got so bad I had my MS, a folder containing chapters I had revised and reprinted copies, and notebook paper for notes. I lugged this every single place I went...ugh!

Now I'm ready for the story to be beta read, but at the same time I'm working on my query. This is like madness in a bottle, and I take a sip every time I sit down to write this query thing. I'm sure I don't have to tell you guys how difficult it is to summarize an entire novel into 150 words. Make it sound believable, interesting, and intriguing enough that you'd imagine yourself going through what the characters in the book experience.

I've been getting help from other authors on agent query connect which is a resource an author should not be without. All in all I am having fun and I am excited about my journey.

Is anyone else out there on the query track? If so maybe we can exchange in an attempt to push back the crazies and find our way to the finish line... Let me!! 

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