Monday, May 14, 2012

Let me tell you something pt 2

So where did I leave off...?
Yes putting together a story from beginning to middle to end. When I first started my wip, I thought I will just tell the story in my head. Easy enough... right? simply put... no. The end of my story is so close I can taste it. I have this feeling of urgency burning in the pit of my belly. I want to give birth to this baby today, right now.

This is where I have to be careful, it's easy to rush the story when  I have these people talking to me and I want to get down what their saying as well as convey their mood personality and facial expression. I  want to tell about what they see smell taste and touch, without being overwhelming. I want the voice of  my MC to be clear and understood.

Now I'm learning that getting my story out is only the first trimester. Actually putting the entire thought from beginning to middle to end is like being pregnant and then giving birth(it can't be rushed).
Second trimester is all about meshing the story together making sure I have a solid beginning and that beginning is connect to and supported by my middle, and then that each of them lead to an explosive end that has been building to that point of BOOM! In the last trimester, I must be sure that my reader is on the edge of their seat, biting their nails and thirsty for my next book.

Telling a story sounds easy but it is as hard as finding out your're pregnant going through morning sickness and getting to the point where you are in love with this baby growing inside of you. then as the months roll past you become tired and the urge to just get it out. give birth is all you can see.

Most importantly it's the same because I have to wait if I want my baby  healthy and whole. remembering once it's out I can't take it back, so I must be sure I am presenting a polish piece one I would be proud to present to the word.

To answer some of the questions to Pt 1

I considered myself an author when I became serious about my writing. When it was no longer just a hobby, now it's apart of who I am. This is what makes me a writer along with my commitment to create something from start to middle to finish.

I have learned a good story teller is not only about how well you tell a story but the telling of that story as well. I guess I will see when I am done telling my story.

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Let Me Tell You Something...

How to tell a story

So, I'm writing my novel right, but it's still a secret to most of the people I know. Why you ask. Truth is I don't feel I'm qualified to say I'm a writer. Am I?

What make a writer a writer?
When can you call yourself an author?

Why I decided to write my first novel?

I believe we all have it in us, our first novel that is. How many times have you heard..." you did what/what happened to you girl you should write a book."
Then suddenly you think your life is interesting enough to put it down on paper. At first you are not really sure if you will share it with the world, but you know you want to tell people about all your family drama and failed relationships.

If you are like me after having the first epiphany, suddenly I realize I didn't want people to know  every intimate detail about my life, so I create a story based loosely on my life. And sure before I get to chapter two the entire story line had changed and soon the entire bookwas abandoned.

the idea of writing my first novel was and still is top of my list of things to do before I die. I have been serious about doing it a couple times. Only to abandon my project a few months in. I let life happen and always say I will come back to it later.

I always do, come back that is. however many life changing events later I have a much different story. This time however has been different.

Are you a good story teller?

This time I thought about why I wanted to write these stories I had been trying to write for twelve years (at this point), I found that these things didn't really interest me. Nor did they show what I was really passionate about. I started to focus on things I like such as books and movies, even television shows. most people who know me, know that I am attracted to vampires, werewolves, witches and magic definitely magic.

I could come up with a story about fairies and magic in my head easily and enjoy it. This is how/when I found apart of my genre. throughout my research( which I hadn't done before. I just decided I wanted to write and I went for it) I found that not only did I need a genre, but a target market of that genre.
I thought about who I liked to read about and young adults was where I fit in(I was surprise to find out that some say YA was as young as 12).

Once I learned where I fit in as a writer who I was as a writer became clearer to me. I could see my strengths and my weakness better. This help me to grow and become better. I became more serious about starting and finishing my first novel.

Then the question came, can I tell a story. Most people think you have an idea in your head and then you put it to paper. truth is constructing a story from beginning to middle to end is truly an art form not many master well or at all. Most may consider finishing a novel a feat in itself and wouldn't worry about it ever being publish. Completion of a novel is a reward alone( I have learned this lately).

This entry has become longer then I expected so I won't bore you much longer and save the rest for a later entry. Thanks for stopping by and leave a comment answer some of the questiions in this entry I would love to hear about it

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Where Have you been?

Well hello everyone out there in blog-a-sphere land ..Hi Angie. I really need to promote this blog...right.

So, where have I been, first I was on a real hiatus running a business and uninspired to write. I know you hate to hear that, trust I hate to say it, but it's true. I was losing that 'loving feeling' for my YA fantasy.
Since I'm no quitter I threw out almost everything I had and started over. Same concept same characters, but I started fresh. I did what I call getting back to the basics, return to your passion, you know the reason why you first decided to put pen to pun intended, sike yes there is..hehehe.

I had been absorbing everything I learned like a giant sponge, I mean, I didn't throw away anything. That's good right? not so good when you try to implement it all in one's a bit extreme. So, yes I restarted my wip, and I must say it was the best thing I've ever done. The story has come alive in my head and lives in my heart. I have a new found love for my MC, mostly because now I know who she is and her voice is loud and clear.
Lately all the characters have come alive, I found myself meeting people or seeing strangers and thinking they could be related or simply remind me of the people in my book...strange right? I know, but I love it.

I also took a different approach to rough draft, what I'm doing this time instead of writing a chapter or two and revising it before moving on, I decided what works best for me is to just keep writing. In the beginning I would write those chapters go back revise, and never move on. I mean sometimes I could add another chapter, but most of the time I would just revise,revise...I know, what's the definition of crazy again okay.

Although now I do run into the problem of repeat information, I think this way is still better for me, so this is just my rough rough draft. It has really helped me to move my story along, there is a rhythm now that, just makes putting the story together effortless. I mean before I'm done with one scene, the other has already grown inside of me.

I am literally full as if I have eaten a huge meal, on this story. All the information, and plots just seem to grow on their own and are bubbling over to come out of me. So, that's where I've been trying to complete the rough, rough draft of my wip.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to be sharing more soon.