Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Have you ever felt like....

When I first had the idea for my first novel I was just thinking of something off the top of my head. I love science and history however it wasn't the first thing I wanted to write about or the second or third for that matter. Anyway I had this idea and I began to shape the main character of my book, and what the plot of my story would be. Soon after I put my ideas on paper and mapped out a way to make it plausible believable and yet still keep it's mystic.

The idea was clear in my mind, ...almost. I put the book down for a few months when I started at it again, I had forgotten some of my details, and I couldn't find my notes. I keep lots of notebooks and journals and loose paper I just jot things down on from time to time. I knew I would find it, it was only a matter of time.

I decided to look deeper into my idea... you know research. To my surprise there was a name for my idea and an even greater surprise there were many books on it and series, children's books video games etc...
I was floored but, nonetheless I moved forward, giving myself the excuse that there is nothing new under the sun. Right?!

I kept writing and getting more and more excited about my novel. Every now and then I do a little research like when I was trying to come up with a title or cross referencing words for help. Each time I see other books resembling mine, to make matters worse the story seemed like a mirror image. You know female hiding a secret that only she can use to save the world..heard it a million times right. I know, but somehow it bothered me and provoked me to write this post.

At this moment I have no followers on this blog, but if you happen across it and read this post tell me I'm right to keep writing and that there are a lot of books with similarities. Writing this post has been therapeutic and has encouraged me to keep writing.

Side note my book seems to have lost a lot of it's mystic, looking more like reality which is certainly not my goal. It's my plan to revise a little and get back to my original idea, and hope that I grow an audience that likes my novel and hopefully I don't get sued in the process...


Hello and welcome to my newly authored never been published and hope to be a bestseller little corner. I am excited to be writing my first book and even more excited to share it with anyone who will listen. I have driven my family crazy with things like, "please read this" and "what do you think is this to much" or give me your honest opinion".

Some authors may say never share your book until it's a finished work, or be careful who you share it with. For me anyone in my family who'll read I will share it with. It's funny that as much as I love reading it's one of my passions, it was surprising to me that not many people in my circle are readers. They are more I'll wait for the movie type of people. How ever did we make it together all these years?

I am not quite ready to share my first book with the world, however since starting on this journey I find that sometimes a short story will hit me and these are the types of things I will share on this blog. Along with my progress on my book. If you are looking for tips on how to write your first novel, or how to become an published author or anything of that nature, THIS IS NOT THE BLOG FOR YOU...

I am new to this and loving every step as my knowledge on the matter grows I will surely share it with you and anyone who will listen for that matter. Thanks for joining me here, and please share my blog with other writing enthusiast that you know that may find my little corner interesting. I hope to hold your attention talk to you again real soon!