Friday, September 20, 2013


How would you describe yourself as a character in a book.

What type of being would you be?

Would you have magical powers?

Would you be evil or the savior of all mankind?

I would totally be a goody two shoes with magical powers and tiny:)

 Every since I opened my first book and allowed it to take me to a place filled with small creatures doing big things. I was sold on the world of magic. I remember wishing I could fly, or wondering what it would be like to have magical powers.

When Alice drank the tea and became small, I remember thinking how lucky is she? :)
I so wanted to be her.

Two of my favorite cartoons, The Smurfs and The Littles.

Even when it came to playing with dolls, their houses and tea sets, the smaller the better. I love seeing the small beds and cups, just the cutest right. I know if I were a fictional character here's what someone might say about me:

With hair as black as a raven and as long as her tiny frame, its hard to imagine the power coming from her  small hands. Born in a small village, her destiny is to protect and guide. She only do good, even an evil thought can undermine all she has done and is destined to do.

Hahaha!!!  This was me at maybe 7-10 years of age What does this say about me????

Now my inspiration is an IKRAN (Flying Banshee) Avatar

This is one of the most beautiful majestic creatures create(jmo) . This is how  I would describe myself as a fictional characterSTRONG, BEAUTIFUL, MAGICAL, MAJESTIC and with WINGS can't forget the wings( I was born to fly)

Depending on what day it is I channel Navi Neytiri as my fictional character the days I want to kick butt. Then there's the silent but strong days as a Ikran, when I don't want to talk just do. I'm a shapeshifter;)
But no matter which I must fly

What about you post a comment below.

I will add my alter ego in the comments below after work!!!

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Writing to my own Rhythm

Today I read a post(I will link it below), I was so glad I came across this blog post, it was just what I needed at this very moment. The lovely and talented Cristina Dos Santos posted a small blog about

ROSS=Run-on sentence syndrome

Although I am a member of this elite club, it is just a fraction of what I want to talk about in this post.

Finding my own Rhythm
Recently I feel like I have lost my way in my writing. I lost my mojo, my confidence, I became intimidated. By what you ask? The pressure of being great at it...

Writing something that is not only worth reading, but something that pulls the reader in. Words that hypnotize your reader holds them under you command until--THE END.

First a  little background:
I recently receive a crushing critique, and before you say Paula, you must develop tough skin and know not every critique will be to oyur liking. Let me stop you, I have ALLIGATOR SKIN, and I love it when someone gives it to me RAW.

The problem with this critique was the manner of delivery and especially when some of the suggestion where incorrect. Which I did not mention to the the person, because we're all just lending a hand to one another. Needless to say the same courtesy wasn't extended to me(in my opinion)

My problem wasn't with the person giving the critique, it was with MYSELF.  Which brings me back to the emotional state I was already in; my lost of confidence and being intimidate. I felt like I was all over the place lately.  It's like,


My lost of confidence made me second guess myself, and my writing, and it showed through my work. Just three days ago because of the stress, I told my  husband that's it, I'm done. Thinking that maybe writing isn't for me, so I quit. That's the calm version, because I was really hard on myself.


After reading Cristina's post well, after reading the comments(something I do) I realize something I've always known, and that is writing is about the author's CREATIVITY. Sometimes you read something and you just don't get it, what's the author trying to say? Someone else may love that author's style of writing.

I know my rhythm I know what makes my words flow from my mind to the paper. It's how I get my message across, sometimes I may BREAK/GO AGAINST some grammatical rule(still making it work)  in order to relay, the emotion, or point I'm trying to make.

When is there an exception to the rule?


I got my MOJO back, my STYLE is not yours, it's mine. Maybe it's garbage to you, to me it's ART.  The  past few days, has reminded me of  who I am as a writer, one of which being  I AM A WRITER...

the other, I am CONFIDENT about who I am as a writer.  And as a writer and I am still learning growing and perfecting the RHYTHM  OF MY WRITING

This is my EPIPHANY for the year. What about you any life changing moments on your writing journey?

Please visit Cristina's blog she's awesome

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Join In Query Critique: Wysdom of Death

I have shared with you guys in my last post that I am gearing up for the query process for my MS Wysdom Of Death. I'm pretty excited and ready for what this process will bring good or bad. I have read everything I could set my eyes on concerning querying,and I'm ready to take the leap.

It's really true you can look at someone else work and spot all the small details they may have missed. when it comes to your own work, everything about it seems perfect. You feel you haven't missed anything. Until someone critiques and you're like...ah ha! you just can't see it.

This post is about fresh eyes, if you are reading this, it would be greatly appreciated to here your thoughts on my query, don't be gentle I like it rough ;)

Wysdom of  Death YA/Fantasy/Fiction complete at 85,000 words.


Wysdom Asher dreams of having the perfect sweet sixteen birthday party. Instead, she receives an unwanted gift: her transformation into an angel of death.

Wary about this new life that implore her to trade Saturdays at the mall with her best friend for a key that leads to another world. A world where she's impelled to wield a powerful soul-capturing scepter used to protect and usher souls to the beyond world.

  When Wisdom cross a frienzied reaper enraged and determined to steal its life back, Wysdom finds herself on the most wanted dead list. Now when she needs them the most, the powerful gifts she has prayed everyday to have stripped away are about to be taken.
Wysdom refuses to be hunted. She spends her days studying why she has become this nefarious being and her nights developing her powers. Furious both that her life and the lives of those she loves is threatens. Wysdom in spite of her feelings, must defend her own life in order to save those she loves.

But she may be too late.

Thank you for your consideration

Paula Kouman

Thanks in advance, if you would like me or anyone else perusing the blog to take a look at your query please feel free to put it in the comments below. We can all use a little help:) 

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Joys of Querying

Is your query good enough?

I finally completed my ms, and I am finishing the third or fourth round of edits. I have learned several things about myself since I began editing.

1) Editing is never ending: No matter how many times I go over a chapter I always find a word I may have omitted, or misspelled. It's driving me insane.
2)Then there is the problem of rewriting a scene: when I'm done with a scene I think yes it's perfect, so I move on.  At the completion of the chapter I reread it and of course I don't feel warm and fuzzy all over anymore.
3)It's difficult to get all my thoughts on paper before I forget them.
4)I'm most inspired around 2AM, when I'm also most sleepiest
5) I tend to ask to much of my family such as; so what do you think? Tell me how that scene made you feel?  So....what do you think? I think they mostly think, they wish I would find others to read my draft or simply leave them alone.

I have been carrying a printed copy of my novel (330 pages originally) around everywhere I go. It got so bad I had my MS, a folder containing chapters I had revised and reprinted copies, and notebook paper for notes. I lugged this every single place I went...ugh!

Now I'm ready for the story to be beta read, but at the same time I'm working on my query. This is like madness in a bottle, and I take a sip every time I sit down to write this query thing. I'm sure I don't have to tell you guys how difficult it is to summarize an entire novel into 150 words. Make it sound believable, interesting, and intriguing enough that you'd imagine yourself going through what the characters in the book experience.

I've been getting help from other authors on agent query connect which is a resource an author should not be without. All in all I am having fun and I am excited about my journey.

Is anyone else out there on the query track? If so maybe we can exchange in an attempt to push back the crazies and find our way to the finish line... Let me!! 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mom' Homemade Apple Pie...mmm mmm good!!!

 Wow 7 months, it's seems like yesterday I was--okay I'm kidding.

               Yes,  I know I experienced another disappearing act, but let me just say this in my defense, I have been working on my ms. My first completed novel, I am so proud of myself
                     *oh,thank you, it means a lot to hear you say that**
 I've been editing and revising since last month. I'm feeling really good about the outcome, and I can't wait to introduce her to the world.

I must admit I haven't done much in the last couple days, I kinda got caught up with querying. Yeah I know, not good. At least not at this moment, I know I could do more harm by querying too early. I don't plan to start bombarding agents with my ms right now. I just want to be ready.

So how have you guys been, what's the news, who has gotten published or landed themselves an agent perfect for them. Please drop in share your good new, allow me to live vicariously through you.

Anyone participation in Brenda Drake Pitch Madness tomorrow? Post your pitch so we can check it out. If you didn't know about it head on over to Brenda's blog check it out. It will be hosted on twitter from 8 to8 9/12 HASH TAG#PITMAD.

Are there any other contest going on? Drop some info in the comments, maybe someones a searching.