Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Join In Query Critique: Wysdom of Death

I have shared with you guys in my last post that I am gearing up for the query process for my MS Wysdom Of Death. I'm pretty excited and ready for what this process will bring good or bad. I have read everything I could set my eyes on concerning querying,and I'm ready to take the leap.

It's really true you can look at someone else work and spot all the small details they may have missed. when it comes to your own work, everything about it seems perfect. You feel you haven't missed anything. Until someone critiques and you're like...ah ha! you just can't see it.

This post is about fresh eyes, if you are reading this, it would be greatly appreciated to here your thoughts on my query, don't be gentle I like it rough ;)

Wysdom of  Death YA/Fantasy/Fiction complete at 85,000 words.


Wysdom Asher dreams of having the perfect sweet sixteen birthday party. Instead, she receives an unwanted gift: her transformation into an angel of death.

Wary about this new life that implore her to trade Saturdays at the mall with her best friend for a key that leads to another world. A world where she's impelled to wield a powerful soul-capturing scepter used to protect and usher souls to the beyond world.

  When Wisdom cross a frienzied reaper enraged and determined to steal its life back, Wysdom finds herself on the most wanted dead list. Now when she needs them the most, the powerful gifts she has prayed everyday to have stripped away are about to be taken.
Wysdom refuses to be hunted. She spends her days studying why she has become this nefarious being and her nights developing her powers. Furious both that her life and the lives of those she loves is threatens. Wysdom in spite of her feelings, must defend her own life in order to save those she loves.

But she may be too late.

Thank you for your consideration

Paula Kouman

Thanks in advance, if you would like me or anyone else perusing the blog to take a look at your query please feel free to put it in the comments below. We can all use a little help:) 

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