Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Have you ever felt like....

When I first had the idea for my first novel I was just thinking of something off the top of my head. I love science and history however it wasn't the first thing I wanted to write about or the second or third for that matter. Anyway I had this idea and I began to shape the main character of my book, and what the plot of my story would be. Soon after I put my ideas on paper and mapped out a way to make it plausible believable and yet still keep it's mystic.

The idea was clear in my mind, ...almost. I put the book down for a few months when I started at it again, I had forgotten some of my details, and I couldn't find my notes. I keep lots of notebooks and journals and loose paper I just jot things down on from time to time. I knew I would find it, it was only a matter of time.

I decided to look deeper into my idea... you know research. To my surprise there was a name for my idea and an even greater surprise there were many books on it and series, children's books video games etc...
I was floored but, nonetheless I moved forward, giving myself the excuse that there is nothing new under the sun. Right?!

I kept writing and getting more and more excited about my novel. Every now and then I do a little research like when I was trying to come up with a title or cross referencing words for help. Each time I see other books resembling mine, to make matters worse the story seemed like a mirror image. You know female hiding a secret that only she can use to save the world..heard it a million times right. I know, but somehow it bothered me and provoked me to write this post.

At this moment I have no followers on this blog, but if you happen across it and read this post tell me I'm right to keep writing and that there are a lot of books with similarities. Writing this post has been therapeutic and has encouraged me to keep writing.

Side note my book seems to have lost a lot of it's mystic, looking more like reality which is certainly not my goal. It's my plan to revise a little and get back to my original idea, and hope that I grow an audience that likes my novel and hopefully I don't get sued in the process...

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