Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Day Sapphire was Born!!

Sitting with my laptop on the bed thinking how will she tell them about her gifts who can she turn to. hours passed words turned to sentences, turned to paragraphs. Still I didn't know what her problem was and who was the cause of it. I talked to others close to her, trying to imagine how they would help her, or give her support. I can feel she is scared lonely, but brave and strong at the same time, but I don't know her.

Still a stranger to me, although I have guided her for a year now, and suddenly it was clear, Sapphire introduced herself to me, and I finally knew where we were going together , how I could help her solve her problems. How together we could get rid of the one who was causing so much pain.

This is when Sapphire was born, and her voice became louder in my head telling me her thoughts and feelings. I soon hope to share her with the world.

I am hoping soon to add excerpts from my book on the blog, but I am a long way from that. I had my first critique of the first chapter done by the fabulous Angie Sandro. I was nervous, excited, and surprised it wasn't as bad as I thought.
I know I don't have many followers, but maybe there are some passer bys, so stop over and check out Angie's blog here she is awesome.

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