Tuesday, September 25, 2012

OOPS! I did a bad thing

I try to always be PC and trust me I never want to offend anyone. With that said I would like to send a BIG APOLOGY!!!! TO Ellie and Ellie2 for posting content from her blog here on my blog.

I absolutely love her blog it's a wealth of info. I always send other writers in my circle over to her blog.  The reason I actually posted the content was because someone asked me what other pitch contest where happening around the blogs. I sent her a link to Ellie's blog after gushing over how great she was and telling her to follow. I then had the clever idea to post that info from her blog (bad thing).

I honestly didn't mean to offend her or anyone I was just trying to pass on info for those who may not know. As I am in the dark  a lot about things happening in the blog-a-sphere for writers.

I found out about GUTGAA from Angie, thank you.

I posted a comment on Ellie's page thanking her for  a wonderful blog, and I should have taken that opportunity to ask permission. It won't happen again. Again Ellie I am a fan, and I apologize for copying your info. Thanks for the lesson in blog etiquette


Ellie Heller said...

I felt really bad about 'yelling' at you! I know you're new at this. (here's what I wrote on facebook earlier today: Just sent a twitter message to someone to remove content they lifted from my blog and posted on theirs w/o any credit back to me. Feel like a jerk because they are new at this but really, it's not okay to just lift entire content from other blogs. (this is a sidebar list of links I created, including my wording/notes on each).
Thinking maybe I over reacted...

Aside from several comments that, yeah, it sucks but you need to do it, I had several people mention ways it *is* okay to use content. I'm passing these along because really, I'm usually the person bending over backwards to be helpful, not yelling!

So here goes:
One -In a post always link back to the place you got the information from and, even better say something about the link (one I've seen used a lot for 'discussions' on the web is: Today on her blog Ellie wrote about XXX, while I don't disagree with her point, I think... where you'd provide a link 'her blog' or 'Ellie'.)
Two - provide a link back and show only partial content. I try to do this with the contests links. I include a little bit about the contest and then link back to the juicy part/rules.
Three - if you want to copy the whole thing you need to drop the author a note and ask if it's okay. And then, you guessed it, if they say yes they'll ask for a link back to the original content.

I hope this helps. I wish you nothing but success. I hate being a meanie!!

Paula Sangare said...

I totally deserved that slap on the wrist. I am new to blogging, however I am an creative person, I draw and post to the web and I am an author who places things on the web. It would have angered me if it happened to me. I honestly don't know what I was thinking and I truly didn't mean to steal I was just trying to pass on some good news. I shared your blog with one of my CP I told them you are the boom and how great it is that you post all this info. I sent her your links. All this before I had the clever idea to post it on my page. Please don't feel bad you did nothing wrong, you actually helped me now I know better. I am still a big fan and now I know how to show it.

Thank you again Ellie you rock!