Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Critique and BETA Connections

1) Name and a one sentence intro of who you are.
Paula Sangare. I am a mother, daughter, sister,  wife, and BFF. I love all things beauty and writing has always been a secret passion. 
2) What do you write (age target and general genres).
YA Fantasy
3) Are you ready to jump right in and begin submitting your work to another?
4) Are you looking for a critique partner or a group?
I'm open to both
5) Would you prefer to submit weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or as needed? And how much would you like to submit each time (chapter, 2 chapters, etc)?
Weekly or Bi-weekly a chapter at a time.
6) What kind of critique feedback are you looking for?
I want the basics, as well as ideas on how I could maybe tighten a statement, or if it needs to be said differently to get my point across. I hope that answers this question.
7) How can I contact you? (email)


1) A brief introduction.
I'm a new author the MS I'm working on now is my second attempt. The first is still a work in progress. I finally decided to take the time to write seriously and dedicate time to write. I have a family and a business that keeps me busy, writing has become an escape.
2) Is it only for a current WIP or are you looking for someone long term?
I'm looking for someone long term
3) If current what is the project (a one sentence summary along with genre and age target)
YA Fantasy about Sapphire a seventeen year old high school student who learns Earth is not her home.
4) If long term what do you like to write (age target and general genres)
I love YA Epic Fantasy, and all it entails, I love creating new worlds
5) Do you have something ready now? When do you anticipate having something ready/needing a BETA Reader?I am on target to complete my MS by November 1st

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