Monday, September 17, 2012

Does anyone use Scrivener

Hey all, does anyone use scrivener to write your novel?

Someone recommended I use it, said it's a good tool for organizing your story. I will admit there are some pretty cool features and it really does help with organizing it all. 

For me there is something about the simplicity on actually writing on paper that sparks my create flow. This is how I usually map out a story. From there I use micro word to work in. what I love about scrivener is it breaks the scenes and chapters up for you. IF you are a sticky not and 3x5 index card user you will love it as well. These are features I haven't utilized as of yet.

I love the research and notes features normally I have these items pinned all over my computer, so this is a big help.
Over all I think it is a great tool, maybe if I master all the features it would be more beneficial for me.

Does anyone know of any other programs? Have you used scrivener and can compare it to something you like better. Maybe I'll try it. Maybe you use scrivener and love you can offer me some pointers on how to use it better.

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Stacey Nash said...

Wow, pen and paper. That's impressive :) Do you write long handed or only map the story out?

I've downloaded the free trial for Scrivener but not used it yet. I write in Microsoft word. But have also heard good things about Scrivener.

Paula Sangare said...

Hi Stacey,
I do both, depending on how I fell. I love writing call me crazy. If you try scrivener let me know how you like. Thanks for stopping by