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The Chronos File #1


When Kate Pierce-Keller’s grandmother gives her a strange blue medallion and speaks of time travel, sixteen-year-old Kate assumes the old woman is delusional. But it all becomes horrifyingly real when a murder in the past destroys the foundation of Kate’s present-day life. Suddenly, that medallion is the only thing protecting Kate from blinking out of existence.

Kate learns that the 1893 killing is part of something much more sinister, and Kate’s genetic ability to time-travel makes her the only one who can stop him. Risking everything, she travels to the Chicago World’s Fair to try to prevent the killing and the chain of events that follows.

Changing the timeline comes with a personal cost, however—if Kate succeeds, the boy she loves will have no memory of her existence. And regardless of her motives, does she have the right to manipulate the fate of the entire world?


First let me preface this review by saying, I LOVE anything about time travel. My first thought was this book is going to be a treat for me. I mean hey, time travel and history, I couldn't ask for more. With that said let's get into it.

Something about this book  grabbed me from the first page. Maybe it was Kate, she's very likable. The dynamics between the grandmother and Kate's mom I didn't particularly care for. I found it hard to swallow, the mom deciding that not only could her daughter go live with her estranged grandmother, but she'd do it without her. My feelings aside, it had to happen for Kate to start her journey, and what a journey it was.

There were times in this book I couldn't turn the page fast enough. I found myself holding my breath, the anticipation of what was going to happen was exciting. Then after a while that anticipation was a bit to much. As a writer I heard people say you have to give your readers a break, let them take a breath. I didn't understand why, I mean I love suspense, doesn't everyone. This book showed me exactly what that meant, it answered the why. At one point I found myself putting down my kindle, a little frustrated that she didn't release the tension. So, I had to do it myself.

Kate's grandmother gives her necklace, and tells her she's the only one who can right a wrong in their time line, or is it the time line that used to be theirs. This is the one thing that nearly drove me to stop reading, trying to make sense of which time line  she was on, was it the past or the future. Then, how some people came back and others didn't. Yeah, there were a few pages I had to read several times, and that kinda took the fun out time travel for me.

Then there was Trey, although I love him, there's was always this nagging feeling that he was going to betray Kate. I found it hard to believe that one minute she would meet a boy, tell him this unbelievable secret and not only does he believe her, but drives hundreds of miles to spill the beans on her secret yet again. This secret, wasn't true to the word. The suspense of their relationship kept me holding on, so for that reason I like it.

As I stated earlier I love history, but to much in a novel seems like I need to be taken notes for a upcoming test. I don't know what Walker could have done differently to get across a very difficult point and keep it interesting, but it was a bit much for me.

I enjoyed young Kiernan immensely, and I loved how the truth his story and their connection unfolded. I was also glad it didn't turn into a love triangle. I felt that Rysa did a great job on Kate's relationship with both Trey and Kiernan, it did't come off as her wanting her cake and ice cream.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I'm about to read the novella, this review is only my opinion. Please take it as such, and read the book for yourself. I do look forward to reading book 2. This is a book I would definitely recommend, especially if you like time travel. Walker, is a talented author, and I think this is a series to watch. I'd love to hear your thoughts, leave me a comment below.

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