Monday, October 13, 2014

Are You Real Writer??

Am I a real author?
 I mean I haven't published so much as a short story. I don't have an agent, heck I haven't even sent out my first query. So, what makes me believe that I'm a Real writer?
On  my twitter page apart of my introduction was, I'm an aspiring author. What does that mean?

To aspire to something means to: direct one's hopes or ambitions toward achieving something. 

Someone I follow on Twitter said, if you actively write daily toward whatever goals you set for yourself as a writer, you are no longer aspiring or hoping to be a writer. In working toward your goals as a writer you are indeed a writer.

I agreed and quickly changed my Twitter status to Writer. 

Today I wanted to write this post to beginners, or those who have made the conscious decision to be a writer. Those who spend countless hours research, outlining, and drafting a story with the hopes of it one day being sent out into the world.

I read a blog post today on not giving up on this journey. As I read the things that inspired this blogger, it made me think of my own journey. One of the things she said helped her was having a great support group.

I 100% agree with her. Aside from getting words onto paper, the biggest challenge I've had on my writing journey is finding a great support group.

Most people start in thier home or immediate circle of family and friends. This is a great, and it's what I would tell someone starting out. Let your husband children sister or sister friend read your work and give their advice.

I mean, let's face it, our family sometimes can be brutally honest without sugar-coating it. And believe me you'll be thankful for this in the long run.

But what if like me, no one in you household likes what you write. On any given day everyone in my household(my husband and 2 daughters) has at least 3 books on their night table. However, my husband the computer geek, read only self help or how to computer related books, and he prefers that they be in French(since it's his first language).

My daughters: one reads urban style books about teens she relates better to at his point in her life( none of them can perform magic, and she likes it that way).And the other is middle grade fantasy(and a pretty good writer herself. One of her stories about a spooky magic mirrored was recommended for publication in her school. Which is saying a lot, seeing as though she's homeschool through a vitual programmed students are scatter all over the US.) Sorry I got side tracked, proud mama here. 

Needless to say whenever they read something of mine, I feel like the advise they offer is based on what they read. Instead of being based on what's right in front of them.

Finding a support group outside of home, in this great big ol' world has been more than a challenge. I find that trying to find a critique group of writers who fit just right with you is a nightmare.

I really want to offer more on how to find/keep a critique partner, but this post is already longer than I intended, so I will continue it in another post. Meanwhile listed below are twitter links and blog link to the people mentioned in this post. Check them out.

Also stay tuned for my next post on Finding A critique Partner/ Writing Group.

Feel free to drop any advice on how having/not having a critique partner/writing group has help/not help you.

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