Sunday, October 14, 2012

When your WIP becomes controversial in your own HOME!!!!

Whew, that title is a mouth full.

I'm sure there are many authors out there that has dealt with this issue. When the MS you're working on gets thumbs down by your family or even worse your husband.

I'm in the mapping and plotting stage of the MS I plan to write for nano. I am very excited about the premises, but my husband not so much. Let me qualify this by saying we are both Christian and believe in the same thing. But have different views on points of our beliefs...

My  MS is about DEATH..dum,  dum,dummmm(seems like the world should always be followed by the beating of loud drums).
My husband feels that death is negative and morbid and just can't understand why I would want to write about it.
I think society makes death negative. I feel death is just like life if you live you must die. It's the natural order of things.
Well needless to say this debate took us back to when Jesus died on the cross and the death being bad but the Resurrection being good.

My argument is if not for the death as Christians we could not have eternal life.

In short I don't feel death is negative but necessary to the cycle of life. I agree with him that the world depicts death as bad or negative because it's so final. Depending on your religious belief it may not be final. In Christianity we believe "to be absent from the body(death ) is to be present with the Lord" to me that's not negative.

The MS is based on my short story which you can read here.
It's about a 15 year old girl who learns that she is an Angel of Death. the premise will be fun and lighthearted. The moral of the story is that death is necessary and someone has to do it. My MC Wysdom will find herself at a high School for Angels of  Death , Reapers, and Angels who help usher babies through the womb of Life.

It won't be morbid but fun. I'm excited about building this world, but now I don't feel I can share it with my husband. As a writer you need the support of your family. Mainly because they are sometimes the ones who suffer the most because you must dedicate so much time to your craft.

My husband is awesome, he helps me with my research and always encourage  me to keep writing. I want to share every aspect of my writing with him. Has anyone else had to deal with this?
How did you over come it?

I would love to hear your thoughts comment below. Thanks for listening to me I feel better now:)

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