Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Newbies to Writing!

 Note the title Newbie, if there ever were one I'm it, as it pertains to writing anyway:)

         If you are like me an aspiring author soaking up as much knowledge on the topic as possible then surely you will be able to relate to this post.

                                    All over the blog-a-sphere you can find experts or those with a lack of expertise. All this is helpful and entertaining. Getting to the point of this post (because I do tend to I've been told) I recently applied ( I guess it was an application ;0) to be a co-blogger on a blog designed to educate,entertain,and update followers on the wonderful world of writing.  Of the gazzillion other applicants I was not amongst the 4 select for the job.

                       I was bummed :(

                                     It got me to thinking, in my already busy life, I have truly come to love blogging and have a true desire to bring my followers not only an  entertaining but informative blog for  YA authors. Something fun and lighthearted.

                     If you ever thought about it, have been planning but for whatever reason have not followed through or wanted to be apart of such a group. Here's your chance.

    I know you might be asking yourself what qualifies me to put such an offer out there. There's a good answer to that question.

                                           PASSION        DEDICATION     WILLINGNESS.

What qualifications must you have? The same.

What are the requirements:
1. Must be able to make a post at least once per month ( it's my hopes to have 4 contributors making one post per week.)

2. Must have a blog.

Short list right? Well we will explore this journey together. If  you think this is a great, crazy, or insanely crazy great idea, leave me a comment along with your email address and we can get together on all the formalities.

Happy blogging!:)


Tammy Theriault said...

Sounds like fun! i'm new to blogging and the "writing world of blogging" but i don't mind helping!

Paula Sangare said...

Hi Tammy,

I'm excited to start this blog can you send me an email and I will share our progress. thanks