Thursday, October 18, 2012

Corky Writer Thingy

Okay so we all have our 'thang" when it comes to not only writing but other things like cooking, cleaning etc.

...but since this blog is all about my journey as a writer let's talk about corky writer thingys.
                                                    so me first.

I've always had this thing about how a pen feels in my hand while gliding across the paper, and the better the fit the more I can write, and yes- the more I'm inspired (hence the title of this blog).
Oh and please don't give me a sharpened pencil, my creative juices are flowing just thinking about it.

I know this sounds bonkers, but I think that is a qualifier to being a writer. We all have our idiosyncrasies that helps us make it through our WIP.

Maybe it's not your writing utensil, maybe it's that strong cup of black or designer coffee. Maybe your bottle of water has to be a certain temperature, or you need that big comfy chair. Point is we all have that  'it' thingy, our comfort blanky.

My biggest thing I guess is keeping my hands and mouth busy it keeps my brain turning and my pistons firing. Needless to say I keep gummy bears and cashew nuts on my night table while I'm writing(if I'm not careful, I'll write myself into 2 size larger jeans).

Do you have a 'thingy thang'? Why not share in the comments below....
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Ink in the Book said...

What a cute post!
Okay, I need my coffee in the morning/afternoon and Dr. Pepper in the evening and water at night.

And I would be lost without my index cards and my stack of writing craft books. and I have a special pen and set highlighters.

One last "thang" I need is my pretty colored paper clips. Not silver, not plastic, but the multi-color pack.

That's all, but I also have my character notebooks and scrap books and special folders and pictures...and, of course, my computer.

Wow. I have a lot of "thangs" I need...
Thanks for the fun post!

Cristina said...

I need my coffee and a clean house. if my house is a mess, my brain can't focus. So annoying, LOL

Paula Sangare said...

ink the book,

I love it I forgot I need my computer too:) Thanks for stopping by and joining in the fun.

Paula Sangare said...

I agree a clean house always clears my head and relaxes me, so I don't feel guilty about writing when I should be cleaning :]

Angie Sandro said...

I prefer writing at my computer desk. My creative juices flow better there than when I use my laptop. Plus coffee. Need my coffee in the morning or if desperate a diet coke.

The Sisters said...

I haven't quite discovered my "thingy" yet. Well, besides my laptop, a stack of notebooks full of illegible notes and lots of room for pacing and flailing of arms. :D

Paula Sangare said...

Hey Angie,

I agree sometimes I feel like I need to be sitting at a desk especially in the plotting and mad planning stage. Because a desk allow me to be neater more organized, my brain is already scattered I don't need a scattered work place too:)

Paula Sangare said...


I'd say flailing your arms is a great corky writer thingy, and a hilarious one too I love it;]

Kelley Lynn said...

My writer thang is music. And depending on how late it is, diet coke :)

Paula Sangare said...

Kelly, I can do music as long as it's jazz, thanks for stopping by