Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Uh-I'm back... I think

Hello fellow bloggers,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and salutations for any other holiday I've missed. Well, I haven't been heard from since Nanowrimo, what a journey that was. I was so excited to get started on nano I jumped in head first and landed square on my feet around the 13th of the month. I was super duper proud of myself  *insert pats on the back, and a great big 'ol way ta go for me*.

I set my goal for nano to write as much as I could while I was inspired and worry about the rest later. Well I was inspired the whole way through, it was like my fingers had motors on them. My brain was like the  gas needed to keep them running, and running they did straight to the finish line.

...fast forward to after nano the beginning of December and I may have only written 100 words since. It's not that the story wasn't still burning in me ( because it still is to this day), it's just that I couldn't find the time. Needless to say I haven't found the time.

One major thing I adopted during nano was outlining, I was a maniac at this. After all the prep work my story kinda  wrote itself. Even at this point I just need to basically fill in some major points to move the story along I could honestly be finished in a matter of days *looks over shoulder to see if anyone read that last line*

Moral of this post, I am mad crazy busy and a little more stressed then I'd like to be, I am on a coffee hiatus
( whose brilliant idea was that again?) that has caused my blood to thin, which causes my fingers to freeze. Which makes it hard to type (vampire-ism is not my best mood). It's tax season (translation pull all my hair out place it in a pile on my desk, and demand by way of growling that no one touches it until April and I can sew it all back in).

However, I shall try to make a small, tiny blurb once a week to keep you abreast of my exciting fun filled celebrity inspired life *looking over my shoulder to see whose watching me type these lies*  while motivating myself to keep writing.

Until my fellow bloggers I bid you adieu *is that spell correct~ you get what I mean tho right okay*


Angie Sandro said...

Welcome back... Uh, I'm kind of in the same situation. Crazy busy with edits. Hopefully, we'll get the chance to breathe soon.

Paula Sangare said...

@Angie, I know but at least you're doing edits. Right about now I would welcome the edits. Sounds like it's (edits) some type of disorder..lol