Tuesday, August 28, 2012


So, this is the first time I have heard of GUTGAA!,  I'm pretty excited to see how this all works. I am planning to participate in some aspect of it all.
Its late and I'm tired I will post more details tomorrow (as I learn more myself). Tune in then I promise to be more captivating~


Donna L Martin said...


I am hopping over from GUTGAA and trying to visit some blogs before the fun begins. Nice to meet you...you have a lovely blog!

Donna L Martin

Paula Sangare said...

HI Donna,
Thanks for stopping by you have a pretty cool blog as

Anonymous said...

Hi, Paula! Hopping around from GUTGAA. Looking forward to learning more about you and your writing. These never accept my WordPress nor my Google so I'm Write On on the list and my name's Dawn. :-)

Paula Sangare said...

Hi Dawn,
Thank you for stopping, going to make my rounds tomorrow, can't wait to check your blog out. Looking forward to learning more about you and your writing as well.