Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Incomparable Whitney Elizabeth Houston

As I sit here thinking of the impact Ms.Houston had on my life, it makes it even more difficult to believe she is no longer with us. We were together when I got my first boyfriend (The Greatest Love of All) and we were together when he broke my heart ( Where do Broken Hearts go).  More boyfriends came and went, but we remained together.

My first love the one I was (Saving All My Love)for, came I thought  and told him repeatedly I would (Always Love You), He too would join the ranks of boyfriends past. Our friendship remained intact, when you met the man you would call the Greatest Love of All, I didn't understand, but I supported your decision. I felt in my soul he was not right for you. Who am I to say that, so I stood in the gap for you my sister my friend. Prayers and belief that you would be fine, and this too would pass.

As I watched the world around me crumble from drugs, life as I knew it changed love ones lost and my childhood stolen. I understood completely your fight , your battle, your resilience. When you said you were fine, and no one really knew you. I knew all to well what that meant. I prayed for you as I prayed for my loved one and myself. I hope that for you as I hoped for her, that you both would get up dust your knees off and prove to be the strong women I knew you to be.

The day I heard of your comeback, I believed and I prayed that the time had come, for you to reclaim your place in this universe. Not only as the voice, but as the child of God you had shown us you were many times before. It was difficult peering threw the mess showing up knowing all to well that the battle was not over. You put on a good face, as you had done many time before and stepped into the limelight. No matter what you sang, how you sang, I saw the triumph you had made, I saw through what you showed the world. I knew it very well, because I saw it many times on her.

I asked God to hold you both, cradle you in his arms protect and keep you. God Bless you Whitney, you are safe free and home.

No two journeys are alike, many can say what they would do different and what they wouldn't allow to happen to them. In my life I have seem many things fought many battles. The one thing I know to be true, God is God alone. In my own power I am nothing, through Christ Jesus I have my being. I wont judge your journey, so don't judge mine.

If we take a moment and look inward, heal our own hearts be true to self, the healing for those around us would come without effort. If you happen to stop by this blog, be it a fan of Whitney's or not. If you are someone that has been touched by adversity, I am sure you will understand. I pray you strength in our Lord Jesus, I stand in agreement that you are strong, you are the head not the tail above not beneath. You are more then a conqueror through Jesus Christ who loves you.

God Bless. Never stop believing in you!!

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